Greenpath Enterprises was recognized as one of largest recyclers in North America by Waste360 for 2016. The Waste360 Top 100 ranks the largest waste and recycling firms in North America based on revenues. The award is especially significant as the list is primarily made up of waste industry behemoths like Waste Management with revenues of close to $13 billion and Republic Services with revenues of $9.1 billion. Although the niche commercial recycling market pales in comparison to the overall waste industry, it is encouraging to see business recycling growing in size and recognition.

Greenpath is a vertically integrated recycler, plastic processor, and manufacturing focused on helping businesses reduce, recover, and convert their recyclable waste into reusable green products. They internally sort, wash, densify, grind, pelletize, extrude, and mold plastic film, bottles, and injected molded products at their processing facilities in California and Texas. Additional company information can be found at