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full-service recycler, processor, and manufacturer

We are vertically integrated and can handle a wide range of materials at our three strategically located US facilities.  Our 25+ years of experience with material recovery, recycling program design & management, plastics processing, global logistics, and the marketing of recovered commodities worldwide means that we can simply “get the job done” … usually in-house.

Our experience enables us to design, implement, and manage highly-effective closed loop recycling programs while keeping your recyclables domestic and creating US jobs. Be secure in knowing exactly how your waste is handled, and where your recycled resources come from with Greenpath Enterprises.

With added-value services, Greenpath makes it easy to create an effective and profitable recycling and sustainability program.

Additionally, as a manufacturer of finished products using recycled plastics, Greenpath Enterprises knows firsthand what type of quality you need.

Greenpath’s capabilities extend well beyond most recyclers, haulers, and/or brokers who are primarily limited to the consolidation and re-bailing of the materials. Rather than hope your waste products aren’t just shipped overseas to be found later in a public relations nightmare, know that they were handled locally, securely, and perhaps even reuse them in your own product line if closed loop applies to you.

Greenpath specializes in complete product destruction with washing and pelletizing processes unsurpassed in the industry. Greenpath can even remanufacture the recyclable plastics back into a finished product. Greenpath already has the technology and vast experience in place to reprocess various grades of material back into a finished pellet, or product, and implement a closed loop program.

The extensive capabilities provided by Greenpath allow for the growth of your important ecological protection programs, often increasing your profits, and perhaps most importantly give you the security of complete downstream accountability for all packaging and byproduct materials.

Whether you’re simply looking to sell your plastics or other waste byproducts; you need to source high-quality recycled plastics; or you’re looking for a comprehensive, secure provider to create a closed loop program that can increase profits while “greening” your organization, Greenpath has the unsurpassed capabilities, experience, and track record to make it happen.

We are excited to share with you the many ways your company can benefit from recycling with Greenpath Enterprises.

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