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A waste audit is often the first step of a corporate sustainability program. A waste audit is also one of the easiest things a company can do to begin to recover lost profits – profits which are literally being thrown away.

We often see businesses facing the challenge of improving productivity and controlling costs. By finding ways to reduce, reuse, and create revenue from your waste products, you can increase your efficiency and profit margins. The first step in this is a waste audit. A waste audit will tell you what types of trash you generate, and in what quantities. The waste audit final report will then make suggestions on where you can use less, use again, or sell to a commercial recycler.

Greenpath Enterprises has an experienced waste audit team designed specifically for to support corporate sustainability and profitability. They conduct a physical site survey and provide a waste analysis as part of the audit so that you can create a baseline.

A Greenpath Waste Audit Includes:

  • Baseline Report: The waste audit analysis includes a report of your current recycling and recovery rate, your waste volumes, disposal hauling fees, landfill tipping fees, and other key metrics for waste management. This data is the key to the waste audit, and supplies the information needed for you to analyze and identify opportunities for cost reductions, increased revenues, increased efficiencies, opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint, and even PR opportunities related to your corporate sustainability goals.
  • Recovery & Recycling Opportunities Report: Our waste audit will include any additional recovery and recycling opportunities that may exist within your waste stream. The waste audit will also present potential solutions along with a cost benefit analysis. (Our clients have saved millions of dollars with this … read more in the Use Cases section and see how you may benefit.)
  • Program Goals: Our waste audit team will work with your corporate sustainability team in order to help define ongoing program objectives. Often, the waste audit helps define objectives such as Target Recovery Rate %, Zero Waste by Date, Reduced Disposal Expense in $, Improved Efficiency %, Closed Loop Recycling Targets, Green Manufacturing Targets & Certifications, and more.
  • Recommendations & Timeline: A Greenpath waste audit report ends with a detailed summary of our waste audit findings. This includes ideas and actionable steps for improving your recycling / reuse efforts overall, including: recycling opportunities, reduced disposal costs, recycling equipment needs and ROI, reduced labor opportunities, improved efficiencies, and the potential for added value, PR, and faster production times. Our waste audit final recommendations also suggest a timeframe for implementation of the waste audit program goals.

A waste audit does not commit you to using Greenpath for any or all of your corporate recycling needs, but rather offers you the data needed to reduce waste in any way you choose. That said, any Greenpath waste audit fees can be rebated — making your waste audit essentially free, if not profitable — if you do choose us to support your sustainability efforts.

Greenpath Enterprises is a full-service recycler, processor, and manufacturer. We are vertically integrated with over 25 years of experience in commercial recycling. Our waste audits support not just your corporate sustainability goals, but also your profitability.

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