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A full-service business recycling program (also referred to as commercial recycling or industrial recycling)is different than just a one-time pickup of your recycling waste. At Greenpath, we service business clients determined to increase profits while supporting corporate sustainability goals. Our business recycling program clients are assigned an experienced industrial recycling consultant to design and service a turnkey recycling program.

Greenpath Enterprises often starts first with a waste audit to help direct implementation of a specific business recycling program. From an analysis or your specific needs, we create a customized recycling program that can help increase efficiencies, improve operations, and help meet a range of regulatory requirements – all while helping minimize your environmental footprint.

There are a wide range of industries well-suited to an industrial recycling program, from bottling companies to retail chains, plastics manufacturers, hospitals, grocery stores, food packaging, distribution centers, and even 3PL warehouses.

Business Recycling Program Strategies

A Greenpath Enterprises full-service business recycling program provides complete commercial recycling services for all grades of plastic, paper, and metal. Our business recycling program helps increase the volume and value of your industrial recyclable waste by implementing a range of strategies, including:

  • Sorting options: our business recycling program offers you a range of sorting options to best suit your needs.
  • Compaction or size-reduction equipment: our industrial recycling program offers equipment to help reduce the size of your recyclable materials, therefore reducing logistical costs and problems.
  • Material handling supplies: Greenpath’s commercial recycling program includes recommendations on the material handling supplies needed to most efficiently convert your waste to profits, either for purchase or bundled as part of an overall business recycling program plan.
  • Employee training: Greenpath offers an employee training program as part of our business recycling program.
  • Consolidated logistics: Greenpath’s commercial waste management programs include suggestions on how to consolidate logistics, saving money, space, and headaches.
  • Spotted trailers: Our full-service corporate recycling programs often include an empty trailer on your premises, awaiting your recyclable and waste products.
  • LTL, FTL, or roll-off pickups: A wide range of pickups can be included when we plan your business recycling program.
  • Fair and equitable pricing: Greenpath’s business recycling programs offer pricing based upon third-party indexes. You’ll always know that you’re getting a consistent and fair market rate.

In our 25+ years, we have found significant efficiencies can be achieved when using a “one stop shop” for your business recycling program. For example, we can include a consolidated single trailer for ALL of your industrial recyclables, so you can load materials on just one truck – greatly reducing transportation costs, labor, and storage space needed.

Greenpath Enterprises is a full-service commercial recycler, processor, and manufacturer. We are vertically integrated with over 25 years of experience in commercial recycling. Our business recycling programs can keep your commercial recycling in-house, domestic, and creating US jobs – all while supporting not just your corporate sustainability goals, but also your profitability.

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