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“Close the loop!” is heard often in environmental circles, referring to closed loop recycling. Essentially, closed loop recycling is a manufacturing process whereby your post-consumer or post-production waste is recycled immediately back into your same production cycle.

Closed loop recycling is, in fact, so important that the original recycling symbol (three arrows chasing each other) is representative of closed loop recycling. The three arrows in the recycling symbol symbolize 3 elements of a closed loop system: (1) collecting the recyclable products, (2) manufacturing them back into new goods, and (3) a consumer purchasing and reusing a recycled good.

Some industries are more suited to opportunities for closed loop recycling than others. For example, some bottling companies can recycle used bottles directly back to new bottles, and some plastics manufacturers can take their manufacturing waste and turn it back into new products using the closed loop philosophy.

As a full-service direct processing business recycler, Greenpath’s recycling consultants take a full look at your business – often via a waste audit – and determine areas for improvement. Often, closed loop recycling allows your plastics waste to be reused, reducing waste expenses on various fronts, including storage, transportation, carbon credits, landfill expenses, and more.

With decades of experience, Greenpath can identify opportunities to reintroduce materials back into your manufacturing process or to provide recycled packaging or material handling products using closed loop recyclables. We also have the in-house capability to compound or modify the material properties to enhance the look and feel of your closed loop final product.

In our 25+ years, we have found significant efficiencies can be achieved when using a “one stop shop,” and this applies to closed loop recycling as well. For example, we use one single trailer for ALL of your recyclables, so we can take those than can be closed loop recycled and return them as a usable product, while processing your other recyclables all at the same time, and with predictable, fair rates.

Greenpath Enterprises is a full-service recycler, processor, and manufacturer. We are vertically integrated with over 25 years of experience in commercial recycling. Our closed-loop programs can keep your commercial recycling in-house, domestic, and creating US jobs – all while supporting not just your corporate sustainability goals, but also your profitability.

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