Commercial Recycling Services

Commercial recycling goes far beyond the waste services offered by the large residential recyclers. The purpose of Greenpath Enterprises is to offer a range of commercial recycling services that are focused on the needs of business – from helping to reuse materials, to finding ways to increase revenue and profits while making your company more environmentally friendly.

Greenpath Enterprises is a full-service recycler, processor, and manufacturer. We are vertically integrated with over 25 years of experience in commercial recycling. Our closed-loop programs can keep your commercial recycling in-house, domestic, and creating US jobs – all while supporting not just your corporate sustainability goals, but your profitability.

Greenpath Recycling Services

Greenpath Enterprises offers a broad range of commercial recycling services that each support the needs of recycling businesses in California, Texas, Nevada and beyond:

Waste Audits: A waste audit is also one of the easiest things a company can do to begin to recover lost profits. Greenpath Enterprises has an experienced waste audit team designed specifically for to support corporate sustainability and profitability. Read more >

Recycling Programs: A Greenpath Enterprises full-service business recycling program is a complete recycling services customized for your business, and supporting all grades of plastic, paper, and metal. Our business recycling program helps increase the volume and value of your recyclable waste. Read more >

Closed Loop RecyclingClosed loop recycling is a process where your waste is recycled immediately back into your production cycle. Greenpath can identify opportunities for closed loop recycling savings, and we also have the in-house capability to process and supply high-quality materials in return. Read more >

Toll Processing: Plastic toll processing allows manufacturers to recover their production scrap by outsourcing the recycling and reprocessing including the sorting, grinding, pelletizing, and compounding. It helps you be more efficient with your materials, decreasing waste and increasing profits. Read more >

Reuse Opportunities: The most effective way to reduce your waste is to not create it. Instead of making a new product (even from recycled goods), find a reuse opportunity, saving energy, pollution, and ultimately money. Here’s how. Read more >

Product Destruction & Recycling: Product and beverage destruction (product disposal) is often more difficult than it seems. With the tools and experience of a direct full-service recycler, Greenpath Enterprises has the equipment on-hand for certified product destruction from recalls, excess inventory, defective product, etc. Read more >

Recycling Training for Employees: A well-trained team can greatly increase the effectiveness of your recycling program, and recycling training for your employees is the key. Our trained commercial recycling experts provide demonstrations, manuals, and signage to support the concepts & reinforce program details. Read more >

Plastic Material Sourcing: Plastic sourcing can be complex. You have an almost infinite number of options, but need to consider finished or raw products, manufacturing needs, leaching, recyclability, and more. It is imperative to carefully source your plastics. Read more >

Recycling Management and Consulting: Recycling program management and recycling consulting are often the keys to helping a corporation setup and maintain an effective corporate sustainability program. Our commercial recycling experts work closely with businesses – onsite and remotely – to help you reach your recycling goals. Read more >

Onsite Labor: Onsite recycling doesn’t have to be complex. Greenpath can draft and implement onsite recycling plans, which include everything from the necessary equipment, trucks, and also supply the labor needed to manage your onsite recycling program. Read more >

Waste-to-Energy: Waste-to-Energy is where the treatment of waste results in usable electricity and/or heat. Greenpath Enterprises can help identify potential Waste-to-Energy solutions for non-recyclable waste. Read more >

Note that Greenpath is not in the business of public drop-off recycling: we support corporate sustainability program management for businesses, and as such all our services are targeted to commercial recyclers.

We also offer a number of recycled resins and finished products to support your business, from plastic pellets, to a line of recycled products, to recycling supplies, and used cardboard boxes.

Greenpath Enterprises supports not just your corporate sustainability goals, but also your profitability. Contact us today (online or by calling 909.954.0686) for all your commercial recycling needs.


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