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Recycled plastic pellets and regrind are one of the easiest, most cost-efficient ways to reduce your carbon footprint, while at the same time saving money.

Greenpath Enterprises recycles a large amount of plastics, not all of which can be reused by the original manufacturer in a closed loop program. Once we receive recyclable plastics, we sort them by resin and quality. We then shred or grind them (hence the term regrind). Sometimes this regrind can be used as-is, and is usually highly cost-effective, but not always pure enough for direct product manufacturing. Further processing may include densifying, aspiration, separation based on density, and even computer color separation. Next, they undergo washing processes to eliminate impurities such as paper. This purified regrind is then melted and extruded back into consistent pellets — the recycled plastic pellets that many manufacturers now use to manufacture their goods. These final recycled plastic pellets are often high-grade, environmentally-friendly materials, available at less cost than virgin plastics. This includes resins such as LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE, HDPE, PP, BOPP, COPP, HOPP, PET, RPET, PS, PC, EPS, GPPS and HIPS.

Greenpath Enterprises is a direct, multi-material USA-based plastics processor. We can custom-compound recovered plastic/resin feedstock to meet specific requirements, and we also offer a range of recycled plastic pellets perfect for end-of-use manufacturing including:

  • films
  • bags
  • bottles
  • composite lumber
  • injection molding
  • extrusion
  • thermoforming
  • compression molding
  • and many more…

Standard Reprocessed Plastic Pellets


Greenpath Enterprises offers standard products such as Mixed Color LDPE Pellets (1-2 MFI) , Clear LDPE Pellets (1-2 MFI), Natural HDPE Pellets (Frac Melt), Mixed Color HDPE Pellets (Frac Melt), Mixed Color MDPE Pellet (1-4 MFI), Black HDPE Pellet (5-9 MFI).

In addition to our custom regrind & pelletizing services, we generate a variety of standard recycled plastic pellets for some of these common applications, including:

  • Mixed Color LDPE Pellets (1-2 MFI): These are also known as Film Grade Low Density Polyethylene Pellets. Common applications include film, bags, pipe, irrigation tubing, profiles, and more. finished_pro_image1
  • Clear LDPE Pellets (1-2 MFI): These are also called Clear Low Density Polyethylene Pellets. Similarly, common applications include film, basis, pipe, profiles, etc, which need a clear plastic or which can be custom-colored as needed. finished_pro_image2a
  • Natural HDPE Pellets (Frac Melt): Natural High Density Polyethylene Pellets are recycled plastic pellets commonly used in film, bags, pipe, plastic lumber, furniture, pipe, profiles, thermoformed packaging, and more. finished_pro_image3
  • Mixed Color HDPE Pellets (Frac Melt): These mixed-color high-density recycled polyethylene pellets are perfect for pipe, plastic lumber, furniture, profiles, and more. finished_pro_image4
  • Mixed Color MDPE Pellet (1-4 MFI): Mixed color Medium Density Polyethylene Pellets are great for pipe, plastic lumber, furniture, decking, compression molding, pipe, profiles and more. mixed_MDPE
  • Mixed Color PP Mixed Color Pellets (6-20 MFI): These polypropylene pellets often come from bottle caps. The pellets may be used for the molding and extrusion of a wide variety of products.finished_pro_image5
  • Mixed Color HDPE Pellets (6-8 MFI): These polypropylene pellets often come from crates, buckets, or bottle caps. The pellets may be used for the molding and extrusion of a wide variety of products. pp_mixed-pellets

As a full-service recycler, processor, and manufacturer, Greenpath Enterprises is happy to help you solve your recycling, waste, and manufacturing needs. We are vertically integrated with over 25 years experience in commercial recycling. We are focused on helping the environment while at the same time enhancing your profitability.

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