One of the most frustrating things our receiving personnel experiences is when they open a recycling trailer and the material is scattered across the floor.  Not only does this require a substantial amount of extra labor but often the recyclables are contaminated and their typical value and the ability to reprocess has been compromised.  The initial reaction could be blame the driver for taking a sharp turn or driving too fast but often this can be avoided with a few extra steps when loading recycled materials.

1. Baled Recyclables – Make sure bales are tightly compacted with at least 5 baling wires.

2. Gaylords – Strap down boxes to pallet to secure.

3. Liners – Use gaylord liners that are long enough to cover material to avoid cross contamination during transport and handling.

4. Pallets – Avoid broken pallets as material will fall off and spill during transit.

5. Double Stacking – When stacking recyclables, put heavier materials on the bottom row and the top rows of similar or smaller shape.  i.e., do not load bales on top of gaylords or gaylords on top of bales.

6. Used Boxes – Stretch wrap used packaging or other loosely stacked materials.

7. Secure the load – Ask driver to use load locks to avoid pallets and material shifting in transit.

These are just a few common tips. Our recycling consultants or logistics personnel can assist with specific recycling guidelines to help secure material and ensure the best value is maintained for your business.